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/award winners winter 2016

Best Narrative Feature Film: Radical (Israel) by Omer Reis. The murder of a mysterious woman unfolds the brutal story of an Israeli radical group, the tycoon they are hunting for, and two crooked cops that are stuck in between.

Best Documentary Feature Film: Tomorrow's Power (Canada) by Amy Miller. Tomorrow’s Power showcases three communities from around the world, in Gaza, Colombia and Germany, and their responses to the environmental and economical crises they face.

Best Narrative Short Film: Alone (Australia) by Nicolas Dunn. A wayward loner. A solitary runaway. A common desire to be alone, and to share that loneliness with someone else. Loneliness is hard, it's good to be alone.

Best Documentary Short Film: Missing Piece (United States) by Tim Guthrie. Simultaneously a portrait and a self-portrait. My journey to pay homage to my wife, who died a year ago; the missing piece in my life.

Best Animated Short Film: Patrioska (Portugal) by Tiago Araujo. Five deities of power gather in an underground lair to discuss major themes about world domination and status-quo: Mr. Tactus, Mr. Olfactus, Mr. Paladaris, Mr. Auditivus and the head of the assembly, Mr. Visionarius. Visionarius has machiavellian prospects for the future of mankind, but he is warned by the Angel Auditivus about the spiritual awakening present in some avenues of Western society.

Best Experimental Film: Supernatural (Spain) by Juan Figueroa. An old bullfighter closes his eyes and walks in the dark towards his inner bull. An old bullfighter is getting ready to fight his last bull. Some paths can only be taken alone and in silence. "Supernatural" is a journey to the Last Coast. An expedition without return. A "road movie" by interior states of consciousness: guilt, grief, dream, faith, loneliness, transcendence. The film is a dialogue on the shores of death. Nobody really knows what happens in each image. Time happens.

Best Australian Cinema Now: The Future Is Not What It Used To Be by Stanton Cornish-Ward. Based on her honours research project on speculative fashion design, ‘The Future Is Not What It Used To Be’ is a hypothetical look into a future scenario where defunct rundown commercial airliners are romanticised, and a subculture that derives it’s dress from old airline paraphernalia and fixtures is in-fight. The film follows a group of friends devoted to this subculture and uses fashion film as a device to further explore key concepts the collection by the same name. An underlying feeling of dissociation and isolation runs throughout the film, as well as a heavy feeling of ‘faux’ nostalgia. The film explores the ideas of belonging to a group, and how holding your identity within a subculture can be a fine line between self-expression and self-deception.

/official selection winter 2016

A Pearl of the Revolution (Not Specified) by Michael Brims

Namour (United States) by Heidi Saman

Voices From Kaw Thoo Lei (United States) by Martha Gorzycki

Gymnast (Greece) by Glen MacKay

Asmad (me) (India) by Prabhjit Dhamija

Conscious (Australia) by David Collier

French Fries (Germany) by Luzie Loose

Bearable (United Kingdom) by David James Holloway

Crude (United States) by sion ribeiro joseph

Daydreaming (Australia) by oliver marsden

Inner Me (Italy) by Antonio Spanò

Tricks (Australia) by Melina Maraki

5639 (Australia) by Justin Latimer

It's Darker Before Dawn (Brazil) by Thiago Luciano

The Devil and the Holy Water (Finland) by Laura Meriläinen

Paul is here (Belgium) by Valentina Maurel

Comeback WOOL E (India) by Sumanta Ghosh

A Way Back (Australia) by Alan King

Parable (United States) by Diana Rodriguez

My Name is Grace (Australia) by Jade Chamberlain

Immental (United Kingdom) by Marcus Lee

Raw Almonds (Spain) by Pedro Valdeolmillos

Hannah's Semiology - Posing as Human (Taiwan) by Ching-Yu Yang

The Barber's Cut (United Kingdom) by Mark Brocking

I'm Sixteen (United Kingdom) by Emilio Boutros

Summers Gone (Canada) by Teddy Edwards

Unpopular Man (China) by Shu Leng

Another Planet (Australia) by Dina Grinberg

Paper Bird (Republic of Korea) by Yu Kyung

Greed (Australia) by Matt Bissett-Johnson

Fish Tank (China) by Haoge Liu

Motherland (United Kingdom) by Jason Hreno

Radical (Israel) by Omer Reis (Best Narrative Feature Film)

The Lovely Rejects (United States) by Judy Phu

Legends of the Casbah (South Africa) by Riason Naidoo, Damon Heatlie

Singularity (United States) by Aditya Patwardhan

Women Prayed and Preyed Upon (India) by Kankana Chakraborty

Where We Live (Australia) by Jesse Richards

Save Mom - ALSO in Africa (Denmark) by Thomas Fink

Hit by a Falling Baby (United States) by Zheng Fu

Touch of an Angel (Poland) by Marek Tomasz Pawlowski

You and I Remain (United States) by Kate McCabe

Curanderismo (United Kingdom) by Sam W. McFadden

Patrioska (Portugal) by Tiago Araújo (Best Animated Short Film)

He Is Vampire (United States) by Cameron Stetz

Linefork (2017) (United States) by Jeff Silva, Vic Rawlings

Composto (Brazil) by Severino neto / Rafael de Carvalho

Hibernation (Hong Kong) by Luo Yujing

A Hero for a Day (United States) by Lifan Wang

The Adventures of an Aspiring Rockstar (United Kingdom) by Sam Oldmeadow

Supernatural (Spain) by Juan Figueroa (Best Experimental Film)

Rattle (United States) by Laura Iancu

Good Dog (Australia) by Tim Cant

Peach (Australia) by Richard Hall

Good News in a Parched Land (Australia) by Stuart Harris

NG83 - When We Were B Boys (United Kingdom) by Claude Knight, Luke Scott, Sam Derby-Cooper

Tomorrow's Power (Canada) by Amy Miller (Best Documentary Feature Film)

For Stacey (Australia) by Oriel Guthrie

Missing Piece (United States) by Tim Guthrie (Best Documentary Short Film)

Hook Shot Girl (Spain) by Raquel Barrera Sutorra

Alone (Australia) by Nicolas Dunn (Best Narrative Short Film)

The Future Is Not What It Used To Be (Australia) by Stanton Cornish-Ward (Best Australian Cinema Now)

Nanny Culture (United Arab Emirates) by Paul James Driscoll

One Day Without Gravity (Brazil) by Julio Secchin

Eva (Australia) by Laurence Rosier Staines

Real Estate (Australia) by Laurence Rosier Staines

Black Rat (Australia) by Perry Lam

Nose (United Kingdom) by Mitch Vancouver

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