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/award winners spring 2017

Best Narrative Feature Film: Halumim / Beneath the Silence (Israel) by Erez Mizrahi and Sahar Shavit. 1973, a small family crumbles due to the father’s PTSD, on the verge of the Yom Kipur War.

Best Documentary Feature Film: Chosen (Custody of the Eyes) (United States) by Abbie Reese. Set within the Corpus Christi Monastery in Rockford, Illinois, "Chosen (Custody of the Eyes)" forms an intimate portrait of Heather*, a former blogger and painter confronting what she believes is her calling: Becoming a cloistered contemplative nun in one of the strictest religious orders. "Chosen" is a coming-of-age story by first-time filmmaker Abbie Reese in collaboration with "Heather," who became the film's primary cinematographer. The Novice Mistress deemed this project a "once in a lifetime" occurrence — permitting a video camera to capture monastic life from the inside. *She selected the alias "Heather" to reflect the Poor Clare Colettine pursuit of anonymity.


Best Narrative Short Film: WALLS (Germany) by Maik Schuster and Max Paschke. A short film dealing with the energy generated through human confrontations with walls. The urge for freedom and fulfillment is just as human as the urge to build walls for everyday order. Three individuals in different countries are struggling under this tension - and finally decide to go all in. The soundtrack features music by rising french producer Phazz.


Best Documentary Short Film: The Boxer (Netherlands) by Ruben van Leer. Frank Engel is a boxer by day and a tenor singer by night. In a fight with himself, he conquers his biggest fear: to let his voice be heard in the opera to a large audience. The film is a fictionalised short drama piece, starring real-life character Frank Engel, shot during an actual opera performance in the Dutch National Opera and featuring a poem by acclaimed street-poet and voice artist Johnny Bang Reilly.

Best Animated Short Film: Don’t cry (Japan) by Tomoya Takashima. A story of people living in a world prohibited from giving birth. Sci-Fi Thriller animation. In this era, artificial intelligence, AI has come to power. Birthing limits were implemented in order to manage the AI population that has grown too much. Although AI’s threatening, illegal birth laws are no end of mankind’s desire. The parents and children would be killed if exposed by government. The couple are heading the port toward the resistance force called the ‘Human Tribe’to save the children. AI was approaching behind them.

Best Experimental Film: Atlas (United States) by Shannon Leah Collis. A series of short audio-visual projections using time-lapse photography, digital video and sound processing techniques to explore parallels between light, gesture and abstract form. This work is based on research in early drawn-sound techniques used for musical score analysis and sound-on-film processes (e.g. Norman McLaren’s animated films, and Oskar Fischinger’s ornamental sound experiments of 1932).

Best Australian Cinema Now: Shiver by Damian Overton. “In the darkness of the night, Riley returns to the broke down and desolate part of the city he once inhabited. Riley, a young drifter, searches for a new future among the violent and unforgiving ruins of the past.”

/official selection spring 2017

Rest Stop (France) by Isabelle Ingold

Beetles in Boxes (Germany) by Wojtek Skowron

Rougarou: The Awakening of the Beast (Spain) by Saray Blades

Coven (Spain) by Saray Blades

Tendercore (Spain) by Saray Blades

Watch the Sunset (Australia) by Tristan Barr, Michael Gosden

Gabby's First Time (Australia) by Tristan Barr

Hired Gun (Not Specified) by Fran Strine

MALA (Notes on a city) (Spain) by Miguel Angel Barroso

An Open Letter To Uncle Edgar (Australia) by Troy Galvin

Body Without Organs (United States)

The Nature of Things (Italy) by Laura Viezzoli

Roller Monster (Belgium) by manu gomez

There it comes (Argentina) by Federico Jacobi

The Sad Monk (Germany) by Diana Frankovic

Ludwig von Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) by Reshad Strik

Amandine (Italy Bruno) by Noaro

Chasing Houses (Germany) by Justin Time

Halumim / Beneath the Silence (Israel) by Erez Mizrahi, Sahar Shavit (Best Narrative Feature Film)

Strange Strangers (Italy) by Elisa Amoruso

Chosen (Custody of the Eyes) - final (United States) by Abbie Reese (Best Documentary Feature Film)

Flutter (United States) by Vladimir Todorov

The Forest (Turkey) by Ismail Egler

Midnight Poetry (Australia) by Emilie Boyard

Susan (India) by Pavitra Chalam

Don't Cry (Japan) by Tomoya Takashima (Best Animated Short Film)

Atlas (United States) by Shannon Leah Collis (Best Experimental Film)

The Boxer (Netherlands) by Ruben van Leer (Best Documentary Short Film)

Walls (Germany) by Maik Schuster, Max Paschke, Maik Schuster (Best Narrative Short Film)

Soulsmith (Ireland) by Kevin Henry

Youth 3000 (Canada) by ace-a, ace-c

Dress Rehearsal (United States) by

Storage (Ireland) by Rupert MacCarthy-Morrogh

Wanderdrachen (Germany) by Jonas Bak

The Apple Picker (United Kingdom) by Chris Wade

Shiver (Australia) by Damian Overton (Best Australian Cinema Now)

Side by Side (United States) by Jesse Budd

Mind Screen An Exportation Within The Deep (New Caledonia) by Moea Creugnet

Glass Between Us (Germany) by Manuel Schmitt

anexperimentalviralvlog - the movie remix # ! (Portugal) by Vasco Diogo

Dick (Canada) by Cynthia Fenster

Cut Me Open - Mise (France) by Michael Ferrone

Nose (United Kingdom) by Mitch Vancouver

Leeches (United Kingdom) by Monica Davies

Empire (United States) by Zachary Beluga

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