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BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE FILM: The Apprentice (Turkey) by Emre Konuk. Alim (35) has been working as a tailor apprentice for 15 years with his master Yakub (60). He keeps on living his life, stuck in between the atelier and his home. He is a person who is obsessed with necrophobia. In consequence, he hates to break out of the routine and keeps living his life in extreme monotony. He has the same rituals for every morning and night. In the morning, he starts his day by opening the store, watches TV or takes a nap until his master comes. In the evening, he goes back home with the coffee shop owner Kemal's car whom he lives in the same district with. One day by the TV news, he learns that LPG tanks in the cars might explode. Since then, each time he gets into the cab, he checks the trunk of the cab, in case if there's an LPG tank in the trunk. Every time he opens a trunk, an LPG tank comes back to haunt him. That's why he decides to move to a closer neighborhood, but this small change will be a milestone for him.


BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE FILM: Ghost Rockets (Sweden) by Michael cavanagh, Kerstin Ubelacker. The film follows a group of ageing Swedish UFO-enthusiasts who share a common dream to answer the biggest questions, and to unravel the mystery of the ghost rockets. Unidentified, flying objects, which have kept the club's chairman awake at night since the cold war. But now he's had it! With the backing of the club, a complicated mission is embarked on, which will maybe shed light on the mystery. But this film is also about life on earth, and sharing the questions of existence with friends.

BEST NARRATIVE SHORT FILM: Centaur (Bosnia and Herzegovina) by Aleksandra Niemczyk. Partly paralysed by polio, Vlado is stuck in his flat and unable to take care of himself. His younger wife, Alma, helps Vlado with love and tenderness in all his daily life activities, never giving up hope that he will get better. In spite of the love and intimacy between the couple, Vlado's self-loathing causes him to reject Alma. Haunted by visions of a half-man/half-horse, Alma considers alternative ways to solve their situation. The Centaur appears in a dream and gets closer and closer to their reality, pushing events towards an unexpected conclusion. By dawn, the magic happens.

BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM: Smoke That Travels (United States) by Kayla Briet. What happens when a story is forgotten? 'Smoke That Travels' is a personal documentary by 2016 Sundance Film Festival Ignite Fellow Kayla Briet that explores preservation and loss of Native American culture and her own identity as Prairie Band Potawatomi.

BEST ANIMATED SHORT FILM: Schirkoa (India) by Ishan Shukla. In the city of bag-heads, a senate member faces a tough choice between political career, brothels and love for a mysterious woman. A choice that will transform his life and the city in unimaginable ways.

BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM: Escapism (Germany) by Claudia Malecka. An individual lives in a fast-moving world in which time is a priceless commodity. Because of the technization of the world the individual saves time, but the saved time needs to be spent productively. The human must work. As one of many? Non-stop working, creating, achieving. This is pressuring, constraining and fearing the individual. The film 'Escapism' deals with the evolution of emotions as a result of the pressure to achieve.

BEST AUSTRALIAN CINEMA NOW: The Tyger by Radheya Jegatheva. This animated creation is based on the poem 'The Tyger' by William Blake, who wrote this in 1794.

/official selection summer 2016

The Firmest Friend (United States) by Andrew Fixell

Phenomenon (Russian Federation)

The No Face Doll (United States) by C. A. Macfinn

Eventide (Australia) by Zoe Dawkins

Mexican Flamenco (Mexico) by Nur Rubio , María Aliaga

Out Of Time (Australia) by Mark Newell

God Is Dead (Korea, Republic Of) by Hye-Jin Kim, Hye-Ryung Kim

Break (United Kingdom) by Nick Moss

Smoke That Travels (United States) by Kayla Briet (Best Documentary Short Film)

The Drowned (United States) by Dio Chen

Blood Moon (Brazil) by Rezm Orah

Apparition (France) by Denis Dobrovoda

To Another Self (Taiwan) by Kimberly Ho

Singularity (Germany) by Roman De Giuli

Cubits (Norway) by Carsten Aniksdal

Hidden (France) by Launay-Franceschini Vincent

Sweet Girls (Switzerland) by Jean-Paul Cardinaux, Xavier Ruiz

Artie Says Goodbye (United Kingdom) by Salome Hevin

Punks For West Papua (Australia) by Anthony Ash Brennan

Aijo (United States) by Hart Ginsburg, Sze-Chin, Schmudde

Centaur (Bosnia And Herzegovina) by Aleksandra Niemczyk (Best Narrative Short Film)

Maniacs (Sweden) by Isabella Carbonell

Twilight (Cuba) by Juan Pablo Daranas Molina

78 (Australia) by Oliver Marsden

A Taxi With A View (Italy) by Barbara Nava

Jeanne (France) by Nicolas Khamsopha

It's Me, Anna (South Africa) by Sara Blecher

RIP (Australia) by Marcus Newman

Nine Inch Nails: Cargo In The Blood (United Kingdom) by Charles Leek

Coming Full Circle: The Journey Of A Transgendered Korean Adoptee (United States) by Larry Tung

Amoo Nowruz (Iran, Islamic Republic Of) by Farkhondeh Torabi

The Opossum Begins (United States) by Rick Medina

Indefinite (Australia) by Kane George Jason

Escapism (Germany) by Claudia Malecka (Best Experimental Film)

Ughh Ugh (United States) by Yajun Shi

13 Shades Of Romanian (United Kingdom) by Dragos Teglas, Anda Teglas

Balloon Ride (Australia) by Evan Hughes

Phase (United) by States Ania Catherine, Samira Mahboub

Her Darkroom (India) by Ratna

The Purple Onion (United States) by Matt Szymanowski

Requires Review (Sweden) by Joshua Belinfante

Free (Netherlands) by Martijn De Jong

The Most Beautiful Thing In The World (Netherlands) by Danyael Sugawara

Completely Normal (United States) by Robert Vornkahl

The Final Resolution (United States) by Brian Ronalds

Nourhane, A Child's Dream (1080 File) (Lebanon) by May Kassem

With Friends (Denmark) by Tobias Holm Pedersen

The Fish Of The Soul (France) by Lucente Jourdan

Blood Money (Pakistan) by Jamil Dehlavi

What Jacques Saw (Belgium) by Xavier Diskeuve

Rules Of The Game (France) by Ambroise Carminati

Ghost Rockets (Sweden) by Michael Cavanagh, Kerstin Übelacker (Best Documentary Feature Film)

Kinda Blue ~ Project Hello! Redux~ (Korea, Republic Of) by Eunkyung Ko

What Mother Doesn't Know (Denmark) by Christopher Bill Wiberg

It Ain't Pretty (United States) by Dayla Soul

The Man & The Sea (Australia) by Andrew Kaineder

Dragon Dreaming - The Life And Art Of Kushia Young (Australia) by Amy Pysden/Daniel Clarke

Trashed After Death (Australia) by Martin Ponferrada

The Art Of Recovery (New Zealand) by Peter Young

Anchor (Australia) by Emma Wright

Unforgettable (Viet Nam) by Jay Rao

Rainbow Without Colors (Viet Nam) by Nguyen Quang Tuyen

Vertical Belles (Canada) by Tom Strnad

Python And Guard (Russian Federation) by Anton Diyakov

Hell Rider - Deadly Barrel (Indonesia) by Budi Wasisto

I'll Be Home (Korea, Republic Of) by Lee, Sangrok, Kang, Heejin, Yoon, Sanghee, Song, Byungjae

Fourfathers (United Kingdom) by Joe Skillington

The Tyger (Australia) by Radheya Jegatheva (Best Australian Cinema Now)

I'm Sorry. I Love You. (United States) by Jaime Lee

Midnight Walk (Australia) by Mathilde Nocquet

Around (Australia) by Teresa Carante

The Apprentice (Turkey) by Emre Konuk (Best Narrative Feature Film)

Staid (Ireland) by Paul O'brien

Don't Look Under Your Bed (Australia) by Radheya Jegatheva

Schirkoa (India) by Ishan Shukla (Best Animated Short Film)

Heart Of The Woman Or 24/I (Croatia) by Andrejka Skračić

Shadow (Australia) by Matthew Tompkins

Right Here Or Over There (France) by Mabille Pauline

The Drowned Dreams (Australia) by Farshid Akhlaghipour

Hatchet Man (Australia) by Sam Pearson

Children Of The War (Australia) by Radheya Jegatheva

Journey (Australia) by Radheya Jegatheva

The Music Box (United States) by Aliza Brugger

Mister Come Tomorrow (India) by Shamas Nawab Siddiqui

Heavenkid (Taiwan) by Derrick, Yung-Te, Wu

Sumud (Everyday Resistance) (Ireland) by Emmet Sheerin / Bryan Gerard Duffy

Patagonia Treasure Trail (United States) by Michele Gisser

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