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/award winners spring 2016

BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE FILM: Lamia (France) by Christophe Karabache. Lamia, a naive woman aged about 20, lives with her husband, an odd coach, and his mute mother, sank under the distress. All the three live together a bizarre everyday life in a Lebanon shocked by the terror...

BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE FILM: My Talk with Florence (Austria) by Paul Poet. Shoah meets Salo, debating about the freedom of 1968. A minimalist interview-film, dealing with one of the most disturbing life-stories of the 20th Century. Florence fled from the sexual and psychological abuse by her post-war bourgeois home into a vagabond life of crime and freedom. She ended up in the Austrian counterculture community Friedrichshof, led by the infamous Vienna Actionism-Artist Otto Muhl, where her own children were subsequently taken away and the cycle of violence and mistreatment continued. This is the narrative of a woman who needed 50 years to learn to say No. An oral history about abuse, resistance and survival. Compared to Karmakar, Lantzmann, Lars Von Trier and Pasolini.

BEST NARRATIVE SHORT FILM: Rainbow Party (United Kingdom) by Eva Sigurdardottir. In a tale of twisted innocence, 14-year-old outcast Sofia is offered the chance to join the popular group at school, but doing so requires making serious sacrifices. Whoever said that teenage girls were pure and innocent?

BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM: Fantastic Reality (Israel) by Koren Avital. Leon a 15 years old is part of the Cosplay community- teenagers who dress up as characters from comics and Japanese Anime, meet and role-play. Leon, with his masculine facial features was born as Shiri, a girl, but at the age of 12 he began to wonder whether living his life as a girl was really what he wanted. As the movie progresses, and leon becomes a well known and appreciated cosplayer in his community, he begins to unfold and take off his real signi?cant costume- he is a boy trapped in the body of a girl.

BEST ANIMATED SHORT FILM: Samt (silence) (Lebanon) by Aoun Chadi. Silence is the only sound in the city of Ghabra. Any form of expression is met by death. SAMT is the introduction to a dysfunctional society that is about to implode.

BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM: Symmetry (Netherlands) by Ruben van Leer. Symmetry is a dance-opera film (29 min) shot inside CERN, the largest experimental particle physics facility in the world. With the cathedral-like majesty of the Large Hadron Collider as his theatre, a modern physicist searches for the smallest primordial particle and discovers a love without end...

BEST AUSTRALIAN CINEMA NOW: Milkmaid by Agnes Baginska. A tale of a Milkmaid who becomes a medium for the forces of nature, forging a connection with the forest, she seeks out revenge for a crime committed against it.

/official selection spring 2016

Ridden By Nature (United States) by Kathi Von Koerber

Alegria - A Humanitarian Expedition (Switzerland) by Christoph Von Toggenburg

Outside Your Window (Australia) by Paul Cavallo, Darren K. Hawkins

Elephant King (China) by Fu Yan, Fu Yongchao

The Sea (Not Specified)

The Stepmother (China Liang Shuang

Broke (Australia Heath Davis

#ANIMALSINTERN (United States) by Kiki Mckee, Jackie Bleicher

The Vibrations (France) by Benoit Maestre, Mathius Shadow-Sky

Xsense Alice (Netherlands) by Janetta Abbenbroek

Cigno (SWAN) (Italy) by Giovanni Rossi

Sleeping Death (Spain) by David Casademunt

The Crush Space (Australia) by Erin Latimer

Borrowed Time (Norway) by Ragnhild Nøst Bergem

Skin And Bone (Australia) by Augustin Lobet

Hold Back (Belgium) by Steffen Geypens

A Place To Lay Your Head (United Kingdom) by Steve Look

Mer Depré (United States) by Margaret Orr

Loopi Gugo (Portugal) by João Sousa

Fruitcake (United Kingdom) by Harriet Francis Croucher

What We Do When We Are Alone (Germany) by Moritz Adlon, Felix Pflieger

Under Ice (Romania) by Barna László

Perpetual (Denmark) by Peter Ahlén Lavrsen

Out Of Nothing (United States) by Chad Derosa

A Solitary Mann (United States) by Loic Zimmermann

Sty (Hungary) by Árpád Hermán

A Better Place (United States) by Dennis Ho

The Surrender (Italy) by Luca Alcini

What We Don't Say (Philippines) by Anya Nepomuceno Zulueta

Analysis (Australia) by Daniel Prychpan

Buffalo (United States) by Michael Mccallum

Diane - Jacques - Raymonde (Not Specified) by Hubert Fiasse, Yannick Nolin

Boudewijn De Groot-Come Closer (Netherlands) by Suzanne Raes

The Notion Of Mistake (Canada) by Nicolas Krief, Jean-François Chagnon

3+1 (France) by Alexandre Cluchet, Marie De Lapparent, Soline Fauconnier

Esruc (Taiwan) by Syu,Pei-Hua

Milkmaid (Australia) by Agnes Baginska (Best Australian Cinema Now)

Rainbow Party (United Kingdom) by Eva Sigurdardottir (Best Narrative Short Film)

K-Shop (United Kingdom) by Dan Pringle

Soror (United Kingdom) by James Webber

Something To Crow About (Australia) by Sebastian Broadbent

Symmetry (Netherlands) by Ruben Van Leer (Best Experimental Film)

A Queer Country (United Kingdom) by Lisa Morgenthau

Fantastic Reality (Israel) by Koren Avital (Best Documentary Short Film)

Testimony (Ireland) by Kamila Dydyna

Pigeons Shit Everywhere (Belgium) by Fred De Loof

Cardinal X (United States) by Angie Wang

Flushed (Australia) by Richard Eames

After The Last River (Canada) by Victoria Lean

Intoxication (Denmark) by Kristian Thorup

Capsule (United Kingdom) by Andrew Martin

Into Memory (United States) by Derek Franzese

Silhouette Secrets (United Kingdom) by Andi Reiss

Going To Heaven (United Arab Emirates) by Saeed Salmeen

Lamia (France) by Christophe Karabache (Best Narrative Feature Film)

The Hanji Box (United States) by Nora Jacobson

My Talk With Florence (Austria) by Paul Poet (Best Documentary Feature Film)

The Prison Village - Veenhuizen In The Twentieth Century (Netherlands) by Jaap De Ruig

I Was Born Yesterday (United States) by Soudabeh Moradian

Oracle (United States) by Christopher Lange

Reza Abdoh, Theatre Visionary (United States) by Adam Soch

["Fi Intithar Al Khareef" (Waiting For The Fall) (Syrian Arab Republic) by Jude Said

Samt (Silence) (Lebanon) by Aoun Chadi (Best Animated Short Film)

Blame (United States) by Kellee Terrell

Another Life (Russian Federation) by Stepan Burnashev

The Calling (United Kingdom) by Chris Boyd

[cthorsion Scrypt Fantomsens] (United Kingdom) by Chris Boyd

Crossroads Of Journalism Dreams (China) by Xiaoran Liu

Net (China) by Ao Chen

“Illusory” Birds (China) by Ao Chen

Colin Furze - Inventor (United Kingdom) by Colin Furze

Japan In Technicolor 1,2,3 (Australia) by Paul James Bird

The Sons Of Mapes (Aruba) by Aaron Hosé

Electric Faces (United Kingdom) by Johnny Herbin

A Real Buzz (Australia) by Lachlan Marks

Playing Lecuona (Spain) by Pavel Giroud And Juanma Villar Betancort

Sea With No Name (Finland) by Emilia Linnakoski

Shakespeare Republic (Billie Episode: Sonnet 18) (Australia) by Sally Mclean

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