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/award winners 2015

BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE FILM: La Citta Senza Notte by Alessandra Pescett. In the aftermath of the Fukushima incident, Mariko is not able to find sleep anymore. Convinced by the repeated pleas of her former Italian fiance, Rocco, she eventually decides to leave Japan and join him in Sicily. There, as their past inability to communicate re-emerges, Mariko passively resists any attempt at integration and begins to refuse eating and sleeping, until they finally realize that Mariko is actually only able to sleep when driven around by car at night, lulled into slumber by the lights of the unfamiliar city...

BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE FILM: Remember Your Name, Babylon by Bram Van Cauwenberghe, Marie Brumagne. Between the corridors of greenhouses in a plastic covered world grow small shantytowns, home to men and women who have crossed the sea looking for a better life. In the heart of this Eldorado that has run out of steam, they are trying to reassemble the debris of a world that seems to be lost forever. The days pass, waiting for news of documents and work that are slow to come. The rhythm of daily gestures hooks people back into the flow of time, strangling their anger.

BEST NARRATIVE SHORT FILM: Bare Romance by Karel Tuytschaever. A woman awaits the arrival of a man. They don't know one another. The only string between them is the engagement to meet and make use of each other. In an empty house in the woods they are faced with their search for love and their ambivalent sexuality. Bare Romance shows the minimal, raw aesthetic of the waywardly loving body.

BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM: Sixteen by Vashti Harrison. Sixteen is my mother's coming of age story. In a family with a history of Alzheimer's, it is an exploration in memory and what time can change. The sound and image form a marriage between the past and the present in three layers: the story of a difficult childhood, the photos of a beautiful adulthood and the fragile cracking audio of a voice recounting these fading memories. These juxtapositions work simultaneously to tell the story of a coming of age that happened over the course of many years, but many years too late.

BEST ANIMATED SHORT FILM: The Red Witch by Aron Bothman. A geologist on Mars fights alone to uncover the planet's secrets before the green of terraforming covers it forever.

BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM: Los Titeres De Belial by Monge. After moving into a new apartment, a writer finds a collection of notebooks left by the previous owner that reveal the story of a man's life through the centuries and around the world.

BEST AUSTRALIAN CINEMA NOW: The Room by Zacary Millsom. An exploration into the human psyche and the impacts influencing her physicality and mentality.

/official selection 2015

Love Thy Neighbour (France) by Benoit Maestre

Counsellor (Australia) by Venetia Taylor

Venice (Australia) by Venetia Taylor

Little Stars: Accomplishing The Extraordinary In The Face Of Serious Illness (Australia) by Mike Hill

Fixated (Australia) by Bonnie Curtis

Old West Lodge (Canada) by Heidi Phillips

So Long Lonesome (United States) by Katie Mcmanus

The Colors For Leo (Spain) by Zarah Knebel

Mikelis (Germany) by Marc Bethke

The Good Boy (United States) by A. L. Lee

Midnight Delight (United States) by Rohit Gupta

A Parisian Bourgeois Takes A Break (France) by Thomas Grascoeur

A Lizard Under The Skin (Belgium) by Maud Neve

Julia (Belgium) by Maud Neve, Nora Burlet

A Tree Stands Alone (Australia) by Matt Burns

The Forest Paper (Thailand) by Sipparpad Krongraksa

The Unhurried Man (France) by Vianney Lambert, Vincent Reignier

Wanderer (Macao) by Lou Ka Choi

Nocturnes (France Matthieu Bareyre

Ridden By Nature (United States Kathi Von Koerber

Shadow Of Doubt (Australia) by Eve Ash

Man Overboard (Belgium) by Géraldine Doignon

Hollow (Brazil) by Rodrigo Rezende, Jose De Aiete

The Red Witch (United States) by Aron Bothman (Best Animated Short Film)

High Arctic Link (United States) by Tom Snelgrove

Whatsap (Brazil) by Marcelo Branco

I Am Me (United Kingdom) by Jenni Mason

Los Títeres De Belial (Mexico) by Monge (Best Experimental Film)

According To Ben Adams (Australia) by Dan Noah, Bramwell Noah

Bare Romance (Belgium) by Karel Tuytschaever (Best Narrative Short Film)

A Venue For The End Of The World (Australia) by Aidan Prewett

The Story Of 90 Coins (China) by Michael Wong

Earth Beneath My Feet (United Kingdom) by Stella Goulart

To Have And Withhold (Australia) by Nic Barker

Any Other Normal (United States) by Brock Labrenz

The Words Hear The Light (Austria) by Diego Fiori, Olga Pohankova

Generation Right (United Kingdom) by Michelle Coomber

A Doctor's Sword (Ireland) by Gary Lennon

Wsim: What Suffered Inside Me (Canada) by Jennifer Hardy Ck

Gone Lesbo Gone: The Untold Tale Of An Unseen Film! (Australia) by Jarret Gahan

The Last Tear (United States) by Christopher H.K. Lee

Remember Your Name, Babylon (Belgium) by Marie Brumagne, Bram Van Cauwenberghe (Best Documentary Feature Film)

Grandma A True Story (France) by Ms Viviane Peoc'h

Artspeak (United States) by Bill Claps

A Kick To Heaven (Israel) by Zviki Eshet

Last Folio (Slovakia) by Katya Krausova

Sirens And Screams (Croatia) by Ivan Peric

La Città Senza Notte (United Kingdom) by Alessandra Pescetta (Best Narrative Feature Film)

Maybe Tomorrow (Austria) by Alex Lee

Tamago (Japan) by Koji Hirano

'Aphâr (Portugal) by Joao Pedro Oliveira

Bonnie (Not Specified) by Stefan Pavlovic

Pearl & Werther (United States) by Stefan M Pavlovic

The Garden Of Hope (France) by Laurence Guenoun

Espero (Italy) by Alessandro Quadretti

Submerge (Australia) by Jason Kos

Cloudstruck Drive (Denmark) by Milad Avaz, Michel Copeland Toft

The Room (Australia) by Zacary Millsom (Best Australian Cinema Now)

Uri In The Sky (Israel) by Amir Har-Gil

The Unexpected Refugee (Syrian Arab Republic) by Ihab Mokayed

Dysphoria (Australia) by Holly Thompson

Another Abrupt Day (Not Specified) by Shangzhou Xia

The Great Wide Open (Ireland) by Ciarán Dooley

Field Notes (United States) by Vashti Harrison

Sixteen (United States) by Vashti Harrison (Best Documentary Short Film)

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