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/award winners fall 2017

Best Narrative Feature Film: Falling (Ukraine) by Marina Stepanska. A story about the post-revolutionary generation of young Ukrainian people looking for their place in a modern Ukraine. The story is set exactly one year after the Maidan Square revolt and expresses feelings of a generation who have no idea who they are anymore or what their identity is, so the only way is to be right here, right now.


Best Documentary Feature Film: Masoumeh (Iran) by Sona Moghaddam. Masoumeh Atae is attacked brutally by acid by her ex-husband's father 1.5 years after divorce. Despite losing her sight and severe burning, she tries to obtain the custody of her son. As the representative of some victims, she goes to other victims and writes letters. To change the penal laws and to better the victims' social conditions . With her resolute efforts during the making of the film . She creates a form of painting by using Braille, and eagerly plays music and does pottery at the same time. She tries to make beautiful life with her son. She has become strong and hopeful to a better future after her tragic accident.


Best Narrative Short Film: Mum, I'm back (Greece) by Dimitris Katsimiris. A woman returns, after 40 years, to the village where she was born. The cause is the death of her mother. She keeps an old photograph in her hands: a mother with her two sons. Arriving at the cemetery, she encounters the faces of all those she left behind.

Best Documentary Short Film: Outside (Switzerland) by Luca Leoni. "This documentary tell the story of my life. A young man who is struggling with depression since years. But my story could be anybody's story. We are all different and we all suffer in different ways. If an audience could find something helpful in this movie I would be more than glad. Mental illnesses are a huge problem. So,there is no sense in trying to hide them by not speaking anywhere about that theme. I hope that my experience may be useful for other people (Luca Leoni)".

Best Experimental Film: Savage the man (Israel) by Yoav Tal, Asa Eitan. A man climbs a tree and is peeping through the window of his own apartment at his wife playing sex games that he solicited her to play with other men. These are Habshushand Dalia and this is how they spice their sex life.Dalia picks up men, they fondle, she cuts out and the man is clearing. One day Habshush climbs the tree and discovers to his surprise that Dahlia brought home a young black refugee, and this time she does not stop but rather make love with Nicholas. Erotic passion becomes a pathological obsession. Amanda and Hamduel, the former girlfriend of Nicholas and the dubious contractor that fell in love with her desperately, are sucked into the vortex.


Best Animated Short Film: Little Thing (Israel) by Or Kantor. A tiny creature searches for companionship in an empty city.


Best Australian Cinema Now: Banana Blue (Australia) by Pia Lauritz. A short dance film exploring ideas of symmetry and duality (music by Miro Lauritz).

/official selection fall 2017

Falling (Ukraine) by Marina Stepanska (Best Narrative Feature Film)
Masoumeh (Iran) by Sona Moghaddam (Best Documentary Feature Film)
Mum, I'm back (Greece) by Dimitris Katsimiris (Best Narrative Short Film)
Outside (Switzerland) by Luca Leoni (Best Documentary Short Film)
Savage the man (Israel) by Yoav Tal, Asa Eitan (Best Experimental Film)
Little Thing (Israel) by Or Kantor (Best Animated Short Film)
Banana Blue (Australia) by Pia Lauritz (Best Australian Cinema Now)
An Educator (Philippines) by Lemuel Lorca
The Couple (Colombia) by Juan Sebastián Martínez Mora
Songjiang (China) by Zheng Laizhi
The Shelter (Iran, Islamic Republic of) by Abbas Sendi
Survival in Neukölln (Germany) by Rosa von Praunheim
The Shepherds (Taiwan) by Elvis Lu
Wasteland (France) by Latifa Said
Delirio Azul (El Salvador) by Lourdes Sandoval
The Buzzing of a Bumblebee (Russian Federation) by Vladimir Beldian
Kashmir (India) by Sugandha Garg
Not daddy (France) by Tamara Vittoz
Paulina (Argentina) by Lucia Lalor
New Camera (Portugal) by André Marques
In the park (Spain) by Cristina Lladosa, Joaquín Vallet
Come by Chance (Hungary) by Levente Kölcsey
The grandeur of things (Canada) by Christian Calon
Glitch Hotel (Serbia) by Darko Vukić
Life in Patterns (Czech Republic) by Vojtěch Domlátil
Desert (United States) by Magda Fernandez
Passenger (United States) by Jamie Naqvi
Self-Scape (Serbia) by Irena Ristic
The Fall of the Golden Mirror of Identity (Philippines) by Tricia Sotaso
Story 2: Scenes 1-9 (United States) by Zlatko Cosic
Double A (Australia) by Evguenia Men
Till Death Do Us Part (Australia) by Jeremy Heddle
iRony (Australia) by Radheya Jegatheva
Drifting Away (Australia) by Morteza Halimi
Hers and His otherness together (Australia) by Hugo Egan
Shoulder (Australia) by Riley Blakeway
Sisterly (United States ) by Nina Vallado
The Trumpet of Endeavor’s Commend Speech (China) by Wang Meiyu
Tory Z Starbuck (United States) by Megan Griesenauer, Andrea Williams
In your shoes (Mexico) by Elizabeth de Jesús Torres Pérez
TGAS (Philippines) by Tricia Sotaso
MS. Belly (Taiwan) by Lin, Chih-Yu
Sh! (United States) by Samantha Maurer
Curse of the Flesh (France) by Yannick Lecoeur, Leslie Lavielle
Different (United Kingdom) by Tom Fisher

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