7 PM - 9 PM

This screening session features 10 short films. All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.


Palace Central

Cinema 7

Central Park Mall (Level 3)

28 Broadway

Chippendale NSW 2008


Tickets are $8.00 per screening session (free tickets available for students, seniors, and unemployed or low income guests).

Get your tickets HERE.

Little Big - Go Bananas (Russia)

By Alina Pasok, Iliya Prusikin

Music video for Russian rave band Little Big. Running time: 00:02:47

Petty Thing (China)

By Li Zexi

Animated film. The summer afternoon was no special, until the kids, also gun fight lovers, hung around in the village and found a replica pistol. As the trigger was pulled, the whole wood was awakened. Running time: 00:03:46


Pain is Mine (Australia)

By Farshid Akhlaghi

Documentary film. One day, One room, One take. After her spinal surgery, she was always in pain, intense pain, unendurable pain. Painkillers have been her refuge for a long time, but one day, she decided to stop. Running time: 00:12:30

One Girl's Fire (Australia)

By Jake Blackburn

Documentary film. With the AFLW draft around the corner, Jas, a determined young footy player, must overcome her off-field demons, or risk missing out on the draft altogether. Running time: 00:08:00


The Caged (U.S.)

By Cody Chan

Experimental film. Boredom and materialism conquer human identity. Running time: 00:03:32

A Remarkable Career (Australia)

By Paul William Dawkins

Narrative film. Meet Ellen. She's famous. Really, really famous... An interview with a notorious woman takes unexpected twists and turns. Running time: 00:09:16

Decorum (Australia)

By Lorenzo Monti

Experimental film. Fashion model Hinata wants to get at the bottom of her uneasiness but something is hindering her. A designer gives her advice, a doctor tries to get her attention and all claim to know what she needs. The result of an old trauma seems only to be the tip of the iceberg. Running time: 00:10:18


Half of Me (Australia)

By Katrina Mathers

Narrative film. Part 1 of the trilogy connected to the stage play 'Strawberry', penned by writer Kerry Drumm. A mother finds a letter from her daughter postmarked nearly two years ago. Running time: 00:19:30


Half of Her (Australia)

By Harry Anderson

Narrative film. Part 2 of the trilogy connected to the stage play 'Strawberry', penned by writer Kerry Drumm. A father is conflicted as to whether he should forward a letter to his teenage daughter. Running time: 00:20:54


All of Me (Australia)

By Lee McLenaghan

Narrative film. Part 3 of the trilogy connected to the stage play 'Strawberry', penned by writer Kerry Drumm. A teenager is unsure if she should open a letter she’s waited for over two years to arrive. Running time: 00:11:16


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