7 PM - 9 PM

This screening session features 1 feature film and 5 shorts. All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.


Palace Central

Cinema 7

Central Park Mall (Level 3)

28 Broadway

Chippendale NSW 2008


Tickets are $8.00 per screening session (free tickets available for students, seniors, and unemployed or low income guests).

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Rhizoma (Belgium)

By Santiago Pérez Rodríguez

Animated film. Hounds and transmission towers. Frequencies of flesh and electric howls. A disturbing atmosphere where the animal, the organic and the industrial blend. Running time: 00:03:00



A Prince Is Not Respected In His Hometown (United States)

By Bryan Sih

Narrative film. A black man in a hoodie mutters to himself on an overpass, causing passerbys concern. Harmful stereotype or well-rehearsed monologue? The hooded figure, Ben, grapples with being typecast while embracing his roots as a Nigerian immigrant. His search for an authentic identity comes to a head when a well-meaning friend gives unsolicited advice for his next audition. Running time: 00:09:15


Things We Don't Talk About (Norway)

By Dan Johan Filip Svensson

Narrative film. After surviving a car accident, thirteen-year-old Edvin isolates himself from friends and family. When his father forces him to go to rehabilitation, he can no longer avoid dealing with his trauma. Running time: 00:18:11




By Farhad Delaram

Narrative film. A young Iranian woman wants to renew her driver's license, but ends up being subjected to an examination when the officials notice a scar on her wrist and a tattoo. Suddenly she is trapped, forced to answer personal questions and exposed to insinuations. The camera captures the growing uneasiness with clinical precision. Running time: 00:15:00



My Father (Australia)

By Yanina Salerno

Documentary film. Daniela C lost her father to suicide when she was 14 years old. This thought-provoking, personal story on screen looks at the daunting effects of suicide on a young person and how these implications transfer through to adulthood. Running time: 00:07:07


Midnight Ramblers (France)

By Julian Ballester

Documentary film. Night after night, Kye, Tobie, Paul, Kim and Tattoo wander through the streets and alleys of Montreal. They support each other, they are all drug users. It is their only way of escaping a harsh reality, but at the same time it is what keeps them on the streets. Kye, the youngest, sometimes dreams of a different life. Running time: 00:57:00