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7 PM - 9 PM

This screening session features 4 films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

Palace Central
Cinema 3
Central Park Mall (Level 3)
28 Broadway
Chippendale NSW 2008


Tickets are only $8.00* per screening session and include a free drink at the bar afterwards. Get your tickets now.

Free tickets available for students (25-), seniors (65+), and unemployed or low income guests. Submit a request.

*All proceeds go to The Bigger Screen, an international organisation supporting independent filmmakers.


Peter, Shirley and Louis.jpg


Synopsis: Peter, Shirley and Louis' is one of a series of portraits of creative families. The film explores the traditional portraiture type pose through the medium of moving image to create cinematic portraits, at the intersection between photography and film. Running time: 00:04:30.


Selections/awards: Golden Short FF, Latitude Film Awards, Amsterdam World IIFF (Best Director), London Shorts, and more.


About the director: Lol has exhibited projection and sound installations as well as fine art installations at various UK and European spaces and events, including London venues; The Air Gallery, The Diorama Arts, The Piccadilly FF at BAFTA, and the International Mystery FF in Venice. Ha has also created projection works for a number of contemporary dance collaborations performing at The Dance Umbrella London, the Third Eye Centre Glasgow, and at the Berlin Arts Festival. His ‘Procreation: Adam and Eve’ installation was exhibited at the 2019 Venice Biennale and his short film (moving portrait) 'Peter, Shirley and Louis' was long listed for the 2020 Lumen Prize Digital Art moving image prize.

They Call Me Dax.jpg



Synopsis: Fifteen-year-old Dorothy struggles to survive as a high school student and ballet dancer. Fondly called Dax by her friends, she lives by herself in a poor district in Quezon City, Philippines, a sprawling urban space of three million people. Running time: 00:10:00.


Selections/awards: Flickers' Rhode Island Int FF Rhode Island, International Shorts Victoria, Cannes International Cinema Festival (Best Documentary Short), Paris Int Short Festival, San Francisco Short FF (Best Foreign Short), and more.


About the director: Dr. Patrick Alcedo is a dance ethnographer, a specialist on Philippine traditional dances and a documentary filmmaker. He is Chair of and Associate Professor in the Department of Dance at York University, the 3rd largest university in Canada. He received his PhD in Dance History and Theory from the University of California. His documentary films 'Dancing Manilenyos' and 'A Piece Of Paradise' have been screened and recognized at various film festivals including the Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase (2019), the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Film Awards, and the annual Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival (2017 and 2018).




Synopsis: While celebrating their mother's impromptu visit to Australia, the reunion is short lived as Zara learns of her mother's plans to take her younger sister back to Somalia to have her circumcised. Needing to flee the family home, Zara reaches out to Maya, an old friend from the same community. Running time: 00:09:21.


Selections/awards: Imagine This Female's International Women's FF (Best Drama), Australia Independent FF, Muslim FF Perth, Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase, Melbourne Women in Film Festival, and more.


About the director: Alana started her film career as actress. After graduating from 16th Street Actor’s Studio, Alana worked professionally with universities across Melbourne, assisting emerging filmmakers refine their craft directing actors. After a couple of years in front of the camera, she decided it was time to expand her knowledge and undertook a Bachelor of Film from SAE Creative Media Institute, graduating in 2019. With her extensive knowledge of acting techniques, Alana is also known as an acting coach, having worked on many Melbourne based projects. 'Gud' is Alana’s directorial debut.

In Ashes.jpg



Synopsis: The life of Inger and her son Jonas is turned upside down when the man they thought they knew is suspected of unspeakable crimes against children. As painful questions arise, Inger realizes her son is slowly pulling away from her. Inger struggles to find a way back to her son, while at the same time, attempts to deal with her own conflicting feeling towards her husband. Running time: 01:23:48


Selections/awards: Verona IFF (Best Narrative Feature Film), Brussels Independent FF, Venice Film Week, Toronto Arthouse FF (Best Narrative Feature Film), Amsterdam Independent FF, and more.


About the director: Kjetil (1991, Norway) is a screenwriter and director. In 2014 he acquired a BA in psychology at the University of Tromsø. In the following years, Kjetil has worked in the field of psychiatry, while also working with movie projects. His deep interest in human psychology and storytelling was combined in his debut feature film project In Ashes. He considers filmmakers such a Debra Granik, Michael Haneke, Kenneth Lonergan, Lynne Ramsay, Richard Linklater as main inspirations.

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